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Broadcasters Guide to Britain
Oct 2013


Following the success of the guide that we first produced in 2012, Britain for Broadcasters has been updated to include information on even more fantastic filming locations all over the UK.


The guide has been designed to show you the depth and diversity of locations that Great Britain can offer for filming, whether you are looking for cities, countryside, coast or anything in between.

With over 400 pages, each chapter contains all the information you need to find your perfect shoot location in:

- England (including London)
- Scotland
- Wales
- Northern Ireland
- Channel Islands – Guernsey and Jersey
- Isle of Man


To make arranging your filming as easy as possible we have provided the following information for each location:
- Description
- Address and Contact Details with hyperlinks for web and email.
- Photography
- Best Time of Day to film
- Permit Requirements
- Filming Fees
- Public Liability Insurance requirements

To download this document as a pdf click here


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